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Sproverbi was born from a game that overturns, breaks and reshapes the common sense, clichés and moral principles intrinsic in proverbs: in a new combination, the head and tail of the different sayings find an unexpected link, generating observations and thoughts capable of retaining their initial irony and the aura of mystery that characterises the communicative and oratorical power of these popular literary compositions.


On the occasion of festivalfilosofia 2023 Orecchie D'Asino transforms a crazy place into a village peach: a glass urn will contain tickets in which one can find reformulations of traditional proverbs, with the intention of returning a reinterpretation of popular and widespread forms of communication. Punctual statements that normally come to be defined over the years with the aim of bringing advice or admonition find new combinations in Sproverbi that, despite the change in their original meaning, create new allusions and truths that are just as valid as the original ones.


Once one door is closed, another is made, and between one word and the next, Orecchie D'Asino defines a dictionary of sproverbs that each visitor discovers upon entering Luogo Pazzesco.

The different combinations then continue to be constructed and deconstructed in the publication with 200 different Sproverbi and on the displays of the Digital Video Wall that during the days of the festival present the schizophrenic and surreal passage between the different halves of the proverbs, putting the internal installation into dialogue with a different fruition visible 24 hours a day.


With this site-specific intervention, Orecchie D'Asino returns to the word, to the construction of imagery through syntax, emphasising the pleasure and fun of immersing oneself in language to show it as a puzzle with infinite combinations.

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