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international art residency project curated by Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli in collaboration with Hordaland Kunstsenter, Palmera gallery and Bergen Ateliergruppe, Bergen NO, 2023 

residency project Discontinuo 4, curated by Collettivo Flock, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto IT, 2022

online residency for the project Embedded Arts Practice in a Post-pandemic Future, curated by Andy Abbott and UNIDEE, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella IT, 2022

self-organized residency Lezioni Italiane: sei spropositi di questo millennio, Gottro IT, 2021

project in collaboration with Leila - Biblioteca degli oggetti,
Biblioteca Salaborsa and Bologna Cultura, Bologna IT, 2021-2022

recidency Neuro_Revolution, AIR Trieste, curated by Francesca Lazzarini in collaboration with MLZ Dep Art gallery, Trieste IT

 residency Tuscan House of Photography, Palaia IT

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