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On the borderline between the everyday and the dreamlike, Orecchie D'Asino, composed by Ornella de Carlo and Federica Porro, investigates images and the processes of creation and fruition of the image itself, experimenting with different media, such as installation, photography, video and performance.

Following their master's degree on the contemporary image at the Fondazione Arti Visive in Modena, they participate in various exhibitions, projects and artistic residencies: Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Pieve di Soligo; Habitat Ottantre, Verona; Studiottantuno, Mantova; Fondazione Gajani, Bologna; Habitat Ottantatre, Verona; Parsec, Bologna; Colletivo Scena, Cesena; Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna; BACO, Base d'arte contemporanea, Bergamo; Collettivo Flock, Barcellona P. G.; Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella; Abacedario D'Artista, Parma; MLZ Art Dep, Trieste. 

OD'A has also a studio where develop and support visual ideas and stories for different identities, offering different services, from the production, the design to documentation of exhibitions, events and editorial projects. 

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