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IN PENSIERO is a project that, through identification and improvisation, seeks to restore a characterization of thought within specific issues that characterize the contemporary individual. The protagonist of IN PENSIERO is thought itself, which, jumping from one everyday body to another, cancels history and space to arrive at attitudes (grimace, expectation, tiredness, dizziness, depression) and their concatenations: gesture after gesture, word after word, the characters fabricate themselves, in when even the shooting acts on them as a detector of a collective thought.

During the second edition of SWAP residency project, curated by Amerigo Mariotti and Giorgia Tronconi of Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli, Orecchie D'Asino  has been in Bergen (Norway) to research and develop a new audiovisual project around the act of thinking and its possible representation.

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to be more present, to take a break from our fast-paced routines and concentrate on our inner selves? What our thoughts look like, and how they behave? How does the context and culture we live in influence our daily thoughts?


The artists have been involving the inhabitants of the city around these and more questions through a two-day casting session at Palmera, through which they have selected the main “characters” for the actual filming phase that has taken place in the following days.

Orecchie D'Asino, IN PENSIERO, meta studio, Bergen Ateliere Gruppe, Bergen (NO)

By kindly entering the intimate space of their thoughts, following their daily lives as indiscreet shadows, Orecchie D’Asino have not only collected materials for their future film, but also and mostly created new, unexpected human relationships with the inhabitants of Bergen, uncovering that invisible yet fundamental layer that shapes a place and is at the same time influenced by it.

The second phase of the project has been exhibited in Bergen Ateliergruppe, where the artists have turned the white cube into their own temporary studio among the other studios that make up the space to bring the public into the process of movie-making.

Orecchie D'Asino, IN PENSIERO, casting, Pamera, Bergen (NO)

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