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A dog is abandoned along a river of waste near Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto (IT). Three bridges become the three acts in which the thought follows the landscape transformation: the protagonist runs between ashes and carcasses of animals, rocks and objects thrown along a river now dry, which has become an open-air dump.   

Orecchie D’Asino simulating a four-legged walk records the territory and imitating the look and behavior of a dog sniffs the problems of living within a system that serves it. Disappointment and despair, accentuated by hunger and scorching heat, lead him to a reflection on things that surround him. Waste becomes mirror and pretext for questioning the condition and practice of the artist.  

In the end, the dog bites his own tail, but with a new awareness in which the automatism of the slave is denied in favor of a reworking denotative of a creative spirit, faithful to his instinct and to fate 

Voice and music by Chimpanzee, sound designer from Berlin. 

Desolation. Nothing is left. Nobody is here. There is no meaning in thinking about him any longer. He forgot me and I’m forgetting him 

[loud flying boxes crashing on the ground] 

Is anybody out there? 

Mah, are they flying fruit boxes? 

Is it maybe the act of trahsing things, that can create a lovely feeling of freedom? 

Cards, mannequins, shoes, plastics, tires. There are any sort of objects thrown everywhere 

What kind of giant monster has lived here?...

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