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AL BANCONE DELLA MACELLERIA                                    AL BANCONE DELLA MACELLERIA                                    AL BANCONE DELLA MACELLERIA                                    AL BANCONE DELLA MACELLERIA        

There is a cactus, it is huge. I feel a knife inside the palm of my hand and I think that theonly right thing to do is to pierce the surface of the cactus: I stab it in several places.From the cuts comes out a yellow and dense substance, which starts to run down the sides and ends up on the cement floor: touched by the liquid it corrodes forming a bighole around the cactus.


It becomes a real yellow waterfall, the hole keeps on extending:I try to escape to the chasm but I miss the ground under my feet. I fall. The sense ofgravity is now different, accelerated, in the same time my breath echos more and more. I faint.

I wake up naked in a large and wide field. Somebody probably washed me. I start to walk to orientate my self.Under my feet I start to hear strange noises: the surface of the earth seems to move and at every step I take the ground creaks.

The grass is a large carpet under which there are countless shards and pieces of glass.A sense of lost and solitude grows in me and for some instants my sight blurs. I rub my eyes intensely.

I am inside a supermarket in front of the meat counter. The machine reports the number 57, looking in my hand I find the same number printed on the ticket. I turn around to be sure that there aren’t other number 57. The supermarket is desert, I can only see an ajardoorway of a theatre. the street number is 57.

Inside there are endless stairs, I can’t see at the end. The steps are very high and themore I go the more I struggle, so much so that I am forced to crawl to be able to continue in my path.

The smell in the air is familiar to me, indeed behind me I still see the same yellowsubstance of the cactus: now it is also corroding the stairs. I hurry to reach the top of the stairs. I arrive to a living room: in the center a table on which nothing is placed. I amtired, I decide to sit down to rest for a moment. Then it appears a glass containing ayellow liquid, I am so thirsty that I decide to drink it. I fall asleep.

I start dreaming of a mask holding a knife, which starts to stab me, but I can’t feel anything. I try to steal his mask, but I can’t. I go closer to his face. I reach the mask. It isbetween my finger and when I try to take it off

I see my sister. She laughs at me because I fell asleep in the bathroom sitting on the bidet with my head resting on the windowsill beside a cactus stuck under the roller shutter.

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Orecchie D'Asino, Al bancone della macelleria, stage, backyard home in Modena, 2020

Orecchie D'Asino, Al bancone della macelleria, totem, Modena, 2020

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