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Quattrocchi using sharing and encounter, branches out among the places and inhabitants of the city as a parlor game based on the impact of technologies, the fragility of ties, consumption, and the diminishing longevity of objects.


As an experiment that uses the system, sometimes compromised of art and its market, Quatrocchi creates a game of echange, trust and encounter, to rethink the dynamics and the habits hidden under the surface of the daily. It is not about selling forms, images or meanings, but manifesting the spontaneous being, celebrating the existence through the event, which allows the sharing: the art is inside each act of life and its result is inside the liberation of the creative power of every human being. 

In this way an analog system, a board game, in which the exchange, the trust and the encounter are the phases and the finish to reach. After finding the participants on the street of Triste, they gave to OD’A an object which will be put inside a box and later on inside the gallery. During the collective exhibition the visitors could decide to take part of the game: taking one of the box they will find the coordinates to meet the owner of the object. The aim is to create a new net of people and to leave the gallery empty. The person will be the pieces and the places of the city the slots. There is no limit of age or only one winner. The fulfillment of the game need the presence of everybody. The dices are replaced by the will of getting involved. The only rule is to be spontaneous.

During the realization of this project happened to be the emergency of the Covid-19 Virus. This situation gave to the questions that OD’A asked themselves a further value and probably a deeper urgency. 

Orecchie D'Asino, Quattrocchi, collective show, Neuro_Revolution, 

curated by Francesca Lazzarini at MLZ Art Dep gallery, Trieste (IT).

Thanks to the collaboration with Leila Bologna the Library of Objects and the Biblioteca Salaborsa, OD'A proposes a further development of this experiment within the city of Bologna through encounters with its inhabitants. This second development coincides with the month of December and thus with the Christmas season, a time of the year most associated with sales and consumption: the boxes thus become gift packages, the object (already used) will serve to create moments of meeting and sharing, also representing a way to oppose the dynamics and conventions associated with the period.

Orecchie D'Asino, Quattrocchi, Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna (IT).

The artists, acting as warehousemen, deliver the packages to participants who, by drawing a number at random, will be randomly linked to the object in the box and the person who delivered it during the first phase. Thus, only through the meeting will the participant from the previous phase who donated the object.

Once the meetings are over, The material produced, along with interviews, critical texts and testimonies of the experiences that took place within a book that will be presented within Salaborsa. During the final meeting, all project participants will be invited to talk about their experiences and take a group photo.

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